What is the Nature of our Reality?

The YOU beyond you
4 min readNov 30, 2020


By Award-Winner Author Ramzi Najjar — Author of “The YOU beyond you.

We always try to understand, our reality, through our senses, and try to analyze, what we see, around us by rationalizing it, in our minds. However, the spectrum of what we can sense is too narrow given what reality is. The nature of all things in this universe has the same base constituent. Smart memory Particles tinier than the tiniest thing that one can ever imagine or try to imagine. Combining and associating together, these particles, form everything, everywhere, and depending on the type of association, and numbers involved, the nature of all materials, is formed. From Nitrogen to hydrogen, to Sodium, to carbon, to any other element, the fundamental base is the same.

The types of vibrations, and magnetism, these particles, generate when associating, to form a certain element, determine its nature.
Our human brain can only read a small range, of this reality, as our senses are triggered by only, trench segments of it. We can only sense when these associations of particles reach, the atom level. This should make us reflect, on the real scale, and nature of our Universe.
We all believe that atoms are tiny, and that, they are the building blocks, of all matter, but how really tiny, atoms are?
To reach the atomic level, these minute memory particles associate into bigger formations to constitute the Planck. Plancks in turn associate into bigger formations, which in turn, associate into bigger formations and bigger formations, at seven levels to become the atom, which our brain is able to read.

Each association requires trillions of particles to scale up, creating a whole world of associations inside a single atom, separated by what seems like a void. But the fact is, that this void is not so, as it is filled with free particles, in a looser form. Nothing in this reality is empty nor void. The atom that we cannot see, and which is believed to be the base of our lives, is to one of these memory particles, as a constellation is to a single human. Our brain can start consciously sensing and reading our reality at the atomic level, where things become analyzable by the electric systems within our bodies.
However, on an unconscious level, the electricity that is in us, and which runs our bodies, ignites the exchange of these loose particles between us and our environment. An unconscious, emission and attraction phenomena, of free particles, from and to our bodies, is constantly occurring in our reality, swapping all sort of information, between what’s in us and what’s outside.
We, humans, are mostly blind to this exchange, as we can hardly sense the world at this level, but most importantly, because we keep ourselves preoccupied with other matters, which are happening at a larger scale, and totally divert our attention from it. Atoms in our bodies are all the time in exchange of particles at this minute level, with a multitude of internal and external elements.

When subjected to electricity, these free particles in our atoms, cease to hold to the atoms’ magnetism, thus, they can leave atoms, join other atoms or expand in the universe at will. Most of this happens unconsciously in us.
However, once being conscious of these dynamics, one can succeed in directing these particles for specific targets, to attract and subtract specific needs from our reality. Our thoughts with the voltage of electricity they generate, can send these particles, through vibrations and magnetism across our world, and alter it, and can also attract through different frequencies and magnetic fields, different energies from our reality to alter us.
Reflect on this, and try to get the bigger, but most importantly the smaller picture, and you will realize that all is interconnected, at all levels.
If you imagine this happening in all atoms in us and all atoms around us, you can realize, how fluid our Universe and all the elements within, are.
How many times did you think of a person and got shocked that they shortly call? Or how many times did you have a gut feeling and realized that what you felt was going to happen, did really happen?
If one permits the necessary silence and focus in his life, he would discover that he can sense the nonsensical and that he can read a multitude of signals, from all that is around him, and interact more consciously, with his reality.
We got so familiar with our environment, that most of us, are blinded to our reality and most of our surroundings.
Whilst we created chaotic lives by gathering just everything, that comes in our way, and whilst we unconsciously chose, to be blind in our minds to the reality around us and unconsciously, also chose, to hinder the real abilities of our brains, to read most of the memory from what is around us, and benefit from this constant memory exchange, we keep complaining of our depressive states of minds, and get irritated by the fact that nothing is going in the right direction we want.

Well, the bad news is that things will never change, unless, at some point, we choose, to seek what we merit and decide to commit to it, and we start to gather, the right memory, from what is around us, and organize, the memory in us, to become what we seek to become.