The real dynamics of life and the reality we live in.

The YOU beyond you
3 min readOct 4, 2020

Written by Ramzi Najjar — Author of “The YOU beyond you”

The more I reflect on life the more I get convinced of this reality! Life is much more liquid than we can ever dream of. Made of constant interactions of an unlimited number of smaller than you can imagine matter, that not even current most advanced technology can even sense, weightless and non-existent in our norms yet material and total in the existing norms. These particles become sensical to us only when they associate into greater formations such as atoms or even more complex associations.

The interactions between the trillions of trillions of memory particles that constitute our atoms of us are what trigger life. The ability of these particles to associate and dissociate is what shapes us and our surroundings.

How many people today are trying to seek facts related to our lives? We seem to be preoccupied with the limited concepts we gather in our everyday lives, unable to focus in one direction but rather gathering memories from all directions and trying to cope with everything whether important or non-important to us.

The imprinting process, which is the exchange of information on this mini particle level, is creating chaotic individuals with no purpose since we seldomly rely on organization and filtering what to let in and what not to. Filtering what we go through is essential, as well as putting certain criteria of what we need to allow to become part of our life or not, as this will determine our bigger life path.

As discussed in “The YOU beyond you”, living is amassing pure memory particles from all directions, whether social or environmental and thus we become what we work to amass. We are similar to a blank book; the book becomes what is written in it.

The constant exchange in many forms between us and what we experience, whether thoughts, experiences, food intake, and other types of free memory particles that surround us is an ongoing unseen and unconscious process, and getting aware of the presence of these particles is so difficult since they are beyond our reading capacities mainly that we never accord ample time to even try to decipher our existence in view of being preoccupied with daily tasks and fixations and this hinders such realization.

Choosing to only gather the right memory is essential for reaching the ultimate way for us to operate. Filtering our lives from gathering all sorts of contaminants in any form they are presented to us, is essential to enable us to become in synchronization with our Universe.

We seldomly reflect on the fact that we are part of a bigger scenario of existence and take what is around us for granted as it is there to just serve us. Our daily routine has led us to even not reflect on the fact that anything around us even exists. We got so familiar with our environment that most of us are blinded to the existence of the smallest of our surroundings.

Whilst we created chaotic lives by gathering just everything that comes our way and whilst we unconsciously chose to be blind in our minds to the reality around us and unconsciously chose to hinder the ability of our brain to read most of the memory around us keeping it jammed with and flooded with a crowd of information from here and there, the majority of us live in depressive states of mind, always irritated that nothing is going the right way.

Well, the bad news is that our life will never be a pleasant place unless at some point we choose to seek what we really deserve and decide to commit to this engagement no matter what and start gathering the right memory for it to flourish, to become what we need it to become, whilst keeping all that contradicts with this vision OUT.

Ramzi Najjar — The YOU beyond you