How ‘SUCCESS’ is built.

The YOU beyond you
6 min readFeb 13, 2021
Success is resilience, habitude, and accumulation of daily actions. It is a process rather than a goal.

We usually view success as an end goal defined by a certain future specific event that we have to chase, grab and declare as a victory. While it is true when looking at it from the outside; as it could look shiny and indeed could manifest most on a specific occasion; having a closer look at what real success is on the internal level could suggest otherwise. The problem in our way of looking at it from our subjective view is that we believe it is a consequence of pure causality.

Success in itself is not a definite goal, it is rather an accumulation process of little actions, positive and negative outcomes, adjustments, corrections added on top of each other to reach a final accrued positive end result. There is no specific secret to succeed in life, but there is rather a system to win. To succeed one must implement a whole structure of small daily tasks that add up to unveil over time positive results in his life. It needs constant daily actions’ fine-tuning, learning from small failures, doing the most each day with what we have no matter how small or little it is. What makes your accomplishments visible to others, is the amount of positive accumulation of all these small tasks.

Life as a whole is based on micro-accumulation. Whatever one accumulates on an hourly, daily, weekly basis, will add-up, grow, prosper inside and become habits, whether positive or negative and determine his life. Failure and Success are the final sum-ups of such accumulations. One of the most interesting facts of life is that it allows you to grow or regress based on what you choose to let in and what you choose to apply in your way of living or what you dwell on. All that we let in, multiplies and grows and reflects at one point on the outside.

Success in that context is a direct reflection of correcting wrong actions, applying the right attitude, having a correct mindset, and repeating the right doings over and over through the filtering and refining actions over a long period. To become successful, one must work on turning negatives into positive outcomes and this needs a lot of resilience awareness and devotion.

Thus, the process needs a specific mentality and a unique approach. An “I challenge myself” mentality and a commitment to turn your small or even big failures, defeats, and setbacks into positive outcomes. This contributes to shaping your character and a good solid character is a must to succeed. You cannot just live the life that was given to you and be happy with where you are and expect better bigger marks in your life. You should find yourself doing things you have never done, start educating yourself on how to correctly do them, and repeat this process over and over.

Accumulation needs build-up and to build something big a lot of devotion and time, are needed. Most of us look for fast victories, however, fast success is nothing but luck and is temporary in nature as it lacks accumulation. Since it lacks sufficient accumulation, it is doomed to vanish fast.

Developing actions into a successful life does not happen overnight. Like when having a new-born baby you cannot expect him to turn 18 in just 2 years. Everything in life has its necessary accumulation period and so do goals. Achieving goals vary from one goal to another and need different accumulation levels to materialize properly and become visible to you and others. To be successful one must have applied many correct successful little tasks one on top of each other over a definite or indefinite period. The bigger is, what you are looking for, the more accretion through actions it requires.

For bigger visions, this building-up process is continuous and could never be stopped. To achieve success on a smaller level like getting a driver’s license, for instance, one needs long driving hours and a lot of trial and error and just maintenance work afterward. However, this accumulation process needs to be multiplied by thousands if you want to achieve success in building a successful company and full devotion to the process rather than just maintenance work is required.

To achieve success and maintain it, one must work on the process itself. Accumulation is not chaotic and should be filtered properly. Accumulation of positive efforts is not effective by itself as what is also needed to boost the effect is to remove the unconscious negative givens which have been accumulated earlier over a considerable period of time. Adding positive input arising from actions and experiences cannot be effective unless we dissolve the negative build-ups already in. You could have incorporated a thousand things right, but one wrong uncalculated unthoughtful action can destroy them all.

One must attempt to work on the internal base and purify it as much as possible and build on that to raise a strong building. You cannot build an adequate structure on weak shaky foundations and expect it to hold, no matter how much you accord importance to making the columns and formations above the ground perfect. The major enemies of success are inflated egos, unforgiveness, procrastination, negativity, unbelief, ingratitude, impulsiveness, ignorance to name a few. Thus it is a given that character-shaping and purifications of all these negativities, need to occur before trying to succeed, else, one would be constructing on the wrong fundamentals. All these character traits if they are already embedded in our personalities, whether we are aware of them or not, will make us always lose.

One should never speak in anger. He should be open to criticism and have the willingness and openness to teaching himself what he does not know so he can build on that and become productive. Dissolving negativity no matter how hard this could be is also vital. Self-control and controlling your mind are essential as when you control yourself you can control anything around you, events, outcomes, and your reality. Without self-control, your life would become loose and you would lose direction towards your goals. Success is achieved by interacting with others and is grown with the help of many around you. Therefore, one must watch his attitude towards others, never use negativity in his interactions, and watch his words. Words as so powerful. They can break a lifetime relationship with anyone in a split-second. Use your words wisely and make sure they are positive and constructive and never reply to other people’s negativity with more negativity as it is unhealthy for your success plans.

Applying this will enable you to have the right groundwork where a building is possible to erect. Achievement is positively pushing forward through adequate actions and watching the small results manifest and try to dissect them.

When one notices that the outcomes of what he is doing are turning out to be positive, he should implement more of these actions in a more aggressive way. Triumphs are a direct result of logically watching and analyzing results on a small daily level. On a bigger scale realizing where these small actions could lead when added-up over time by projecting them into the future, is essential.

Everyone needs to build objectively in silence while focusing on turning results in his favor in an ethical positive manner. Never take an attitude of “I am always right” or “I know it all”, as these kill dreams. But rather be open to learning how things work. Everything in life is regulated by certain rules and specific logic. Judging oneself and fixing what we do wrong to turn it into a positive constructive self-criticism, will drive us to achieve more and reach our big goals. Don’t rush the process. Patience and proactively waiting are essential givens. If you do something over a considerable time and do not see small results accumulating positively no matter how hard you try, it is sometimes better to quit and start something else that can divulge more positive results.

By Ramzi Najjar, Award-winning Author “The YOU beyond you — The knowledge of the Willing”